Social Eating…

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BBQ’s, restaurants, family get-togethers, picnics are all situations where we have less control over the food that is cooked and how it is prepared. While these environments can be stressful when it comes to food choice, by focusing on a few basic habits such as changing portion size and identifying what food is on our plate we can have better control over our daily intake. 

Always focus on making the best choice available. Here are some recommended options to keep you on track with your nutrition when eating out:

  • Build your plate by starting with lean proteins and veggies. These items will help with increasing the size of your meal and keeping you more satiated
  • Next, try to portion carbs (mash, rice, pasta, kumara etc.) as closely to the amount in your plan as possible
  • Be mindful of fats/oils and ask for the likes of cheeses, sour creams, avocados, and other fats to be removed
  • Skip entree and dessert, as your main meal will likely be around your given portions and calories anyway. A cup of tea, sugar-free soda, or even a small bowl of fruit salad might be a good option if they are available.

Here are some extra tips for restaurant and takeaway options:

  • Chicken caesar or Thai beef salad with the dressings on the side. Remove cheese, croutons, and crispy noodles
  • Males; ask for extra meat/double protein where possible
  • Eye-fillet steak with the dressing on the side and a side of green veggies or garden salad
  • Grilled white fish and a garden salad with the dressing on the side
  • McDonalds seared chicken salad
  • Subway roast chicken or tuna salad – no cheese
  • Pita Pit salad or wholemeal wrap