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What is the Performance plan?

The Performance subscription involves working 1:1 with your qualified sports nutritionist who will be able to assist you with your current nutritional goals and requirements. You will check-in with your nutritionist Rhiannon weekly making any necessary adjustments to ensure you are continuously progressing. Cardio and step targets will be included alongside a structured training program if required.


Meet Your Coach

Meet Rhiannon, our head performance coach! Rhiannon is a qualified Evidence based sports nutritionist who has been practicing since 2017.  Rhiannon is passionate about nutrition, physical health and promoting a flexible and realistic approach to her clients.  

With a competitive background herself, Rhiannon’s focus with performance clients is to provide optimal nutrition and training protocols to ensure you can reach your athletic goals. 

Rhiannon is a WBFF bikini athlete who has stepped on stage 7 times to date and has taken out top placings. Rhiannon’s goal is to help educate her clients and help them to become their own inspiration as she has done herself. 

How to get started

Get started with the performance plan in 3 simple steps and receive your plan in 3 business days. Please note, after signing up to the performance plan you will be assigned to work with our JCN sports nutritionist Rhiannon who will guide and support you through structured nutrition protocols.


Craig Love

My road to Taupo Ironman 2023 would not be possible without my partnership with Jake Campus Nutrition.
I changed employment from the New Zealand Army to an emergency services shift worker. I became comfortable, fitness subsided and enjoyed chocolate a little too much. I needed a challenge to turn my life around and decided on three goals, live longer with my wife, lose body fat and complete Ironman full distance course. I had tried various diet fads but they were short term results, till I found out about Jake Campus Nutrition and began working with a performance nutritionists.
The months that followed I saw tangible lasting results.  Over the last 8 months, my lean body mass is up, body weight is down about 12 kilograms, total fat mass is down 7 kilograms, and have lost about 8 cms on my waist. More importantly my bio age is reducing.
I can’t fault the team at Jake Campus Nutrition who are friendly, inviting and knowledgeable. I do not feel like a client at all. If you need a healthier lifestyle or are considering a life changing goal, then Jake Campus Nutrition is for you. Remember, “you are capable of so much more than you think”, ring JCN and make it happen.
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The lifestyle plan is structured to achieve sustainable and maintainable results. It’s suited to any individual looking to make changes to their current lifestyle choices in a sustainable timeframe.

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The premium lifestyle plan is structured to achieve sustainable and maintainable results. It’s suited to any individual looking to make changes to their current lifestyle choices in a sustainable timeframe and keep their results long-term.

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This is the only service available to work directly with Jake Campus. The VIP service is to both amateur and professional athletes, sportsmen/women, film/actors and clients with advanced goals. This program is a minimum 20 week term commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Performance plan is suited to any individual looking to advance their current nutrition and training goals in a structured timeframe. The performance plan is best suited to those with any of the following goals:

  • Athletes looking to enhance their overall sporting performance through advanced nutritional protocols.
  • Athletes in the bodybuilding space who want to do a contest prep OR off season/muscle building phase  
  • Intermediate to advanced clients looking to peak for an event or photoshoot or on-screen performance 
  • Models looking to build and maintain a healthy physique for shoots 
  • Those who need weekly accountability for general fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Those who need training and supplement protocols for intermediate to advanced fat loss and muscle gain
  • Weight loss/health/ Muscle gain for special populations (PCOS/ENDO/FERTILITY/HORMONES/ALLERGIES/ILLNESS)
  • Athletes with Vegan and vegetarian restrictions
  • Food Intolerances and allergies 
  • Injuries or medical conditions
  • Pregnancy 
  • Post-partum 
  • Fertility and hormonal protocols 

If you’re on a budget the lifestyle premium plan is our best available option. 

If you’re looking for general lifestyle goals and accountability the lifestyle plan is better suited to you. If you’re a beginner with minimal nutritional knowledge, the lifestyle plan is better suited to you. 

Rhiannon, JCN’s qualified sport nutritionist who works alongside and is overseen by Jake Campus. 

  • Work with a qualified sports nutritionist Overseen by Jake 
  • 16 Weeks of a customised Meal plan or Macros
  • Custom step target and cardio prescription as required.
  • Specific custom supplement prescription if required.
  • Weekly check-ins with your nutritionist
  • 8-week gym training programs available if required 
  • Access to exclusive JCN recipes
  • Ongoing Email support with your nutritionist 
  • Peaking Protocols for photoshoots, bodybuilding shows, and sporting events. 

Yes if required we can design a 8 week structured weights programme 

Yes, our team is experienced in working with pregnant women as well as postpartum clients. 

All JCN nutritionists are university qualified and have the most recent industry knowledge when providing information to antenatal and postnatal clients. We take pride in knowing we can provide you with the best possible nutritional protocols to ensure you and your baby are strong and healthy.

Yes, we can. Whether you are trying to regain your menstrual cycle, improve your chances of getting pregnant or to support you on your IVF journey, our team can assist with nutritional strategies alongside your health care provider to ensure you are getting optimal nutrition for optimal chance at fertility.

Yes, However our VIP plan working directly with Jake himself may also be a great option for this.