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Thank you to my homie @jakecampusnutrition for helping me break shocking food habits, tidy up a crappy diet and achieve things I didn’t think I could! We aren’t finished but I’m happy with what we’ve done. There is about 8kg difference between photos but one heck of a happier Baillie in the right one???

Baillie Buchanan

Going to Jake Campus Nutrition has changed my outlook on life. This has been a lifestyle change and a full change of mindset. Hayley has been so supportive where she has not only sorted my hormone imbalance but also catered to my needs when I was diagnosed with chrons disease in late December. Every check-in I have my meal plan is always altered for my needs and with foods that I love. The whole team has been nothing but supportive of my goals and congratulating me with everyone I achieve. I could not recommend highly enough.   This whole experience has changed my life for the better, I am a completely new person now.
Thank you so much.

Brittany Cooper

I’ve known Jake since November 2017 when I approached him on Instagram asking about his nutrition plans. My wife and I have been away on holiday and after settling back home, it was hard for us to lose some of the extra weight we gained whilst on holiday. Jake was very informative and explained what I could achieve under his wing. I also had a goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition, with Jake’s help he made this goal realistic. Signing up with Jake Campus Nutrition was one of the best things I’ve done! I started on a fat loss plan that saw me losing about 10kgs in 12 weeks. I’m now on a lean bulk program and have put on 9kgs of lean muscle.

Greg Strictland

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