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The JCN lifestyle plan is structured to help you achieve sustainable and maintainable results. 

Not only will we provide you with your nutrition plan, we will also ensure you have a sound understanding of the basic fundamentals of nutrition and educate you as to why and how your current food choices may be impacting your overall health and fitness goals.


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What is the lifestyle plan?

The Jake Campus Lifestyle Nutrition subscription is structured to achieve sustainable and maintainable long-term results. The program is for anyone who is looking to make changes to their current lifestyle choices in a sustainable timeframe. All JCN nutritionist are hired and trained by Jake Campus to ensure you receive only the highest level of care and knowledge when being prescribed your plan.

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The JCN app is where all clients have access to all of their nutritional information. This includes; In-app nutrition, check-in service, progress tracker, JCN recipes, JCN grocery guides and contact forms.

In the app, you can also log your nutrition by searching and scanning barcodes, keep on top of progress and receive access to the educational vault, which is full of nutrition material to help you on your fitness journey with JCN.

Lifestyle vs Lifestyle Premium?

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Check out the differences between Lifestyle and Lifestyle Premium below. 

How to get started

Get started with the lifestyle plan in 3 simple steps by simply signing up, creating an account, completing your onboarding questionnaire and receive your plan in 3 business days. Please note, after signing up to the Lifestyle plan you will be assigned to work with one of our university qualified nutritionists who will guide and support you through structured nutrition protocols.

GET STARTED FOR $49.99 AUD Minimum 12-week term

Jodi, Australia

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lifestyle program. Having the option to track macros rather than being given a meal plan has been great for me as it has allowed me to understand more about foods that fuel me all while including treats for my sweet tooth!
The lifestyle plan has been exactly what I’ve needed to get me back on track as I am currently 6 months postpartum as a first time mum, and learning to love my new body has been a challenge in its own.
Thanks to Olivia’s support I’ve managed to get back to my pre pregnancy weight while being able to maintain my milk supply. I am finally feeling like myself again, which has been a huge win for my confidence! I am so thankful for Olivia and Jake’s support during the lifestyle program and through the webinars and Facebook JCN community group!
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Reegan believes in “everything in moderation” and practices what she preaches by following the same protocols that she would recommend to her clients.

JCN Nutritionist


Cam has been with Jake Campus Nutrition for 4-years with a special interest in women’s health and hormones, fat loss, and performance clients.

JCN Nutritionist




The lifestyle plan is structured to achieve sustainable and maintainable results. It’s suited to any individual looking to make changes to their current lifestyle choices in a sustainable timeframe.

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The performance program is an individualised approach to your nutrition requirements and goals. It’s for those who are seeking a more scientific approach for a sporting or physical goal rather than a general everyday lifestyle approach.

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This is the only service available to work directly with Jake Campus. The VIP service is to both amateur and professional athletes, sportsmen/women, film/actors and clients with advanced goals. This program is a minimum 20 week term commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The lifestyle plan is suited to any individual looking to make changes to their current lifestyle choices in a sustainable timeframe. The lifestyle plan is best suited to those with any of the following goals: General health and wellness, weight loss, muscle building, vegan and vegetarian restrictions, food Intolerances and allergies, injuries or medical conditions, pregnancy, post-partum, fertility and hormonal protocols.

If you are a client looking to compete in a bodybuilding show, prep for a photoshoot, compete in a sporting event, or have goal with a specific time frame required for results, our performance or VIP plan will be more suitable for your goals.

Whilst both Lifestyle options provide you with full JCN app access and are 1:1 work services with our qualified nutritionists, the Lifestyle Premium service will provide you with more accountability, and offers Cardio and step targets will be included alongside a structured training program.

Lifestyle Premium clients will also have access to monthly group coaching calls with Jake campus where you will have the chance to ask any questions and a monthly mindset webinar with our holistic transformation coach.

You will be assigned to one of JCN’s qualified nutritionists based on your pre-assessment form. Once we have reviewed your form the team will assign you to the most suitable nutritionist based on your goals, preferences, and any medical conditions.

Although this doesn’t include a customised training plan, our JCN hub has training plans available for you to use for a range of goals. These have all been created by Jake Campus who is also a qualified strength and conditioning coach and sports and exercise scientist.

You will receive your designated steps and cardiovascular exercise if this is required for your goals.

Yes, our team is experienced in working with pregnant women as well as post-partum clients.

All JCN nutritionists are university qualified and have the most recent industry knowledge when providing information to antenatal and postnatal clients. We take pride in knowing we can provide you with the best possible nutritional protocols to ensure you and your baby are strong and healthy.

Yes, we do. Whether you are trying to regain your menstrual cycle, improve your chances of getting pregnant or to support you on your IVF journey, our team can assist with nutritional strategies alongside your health care provider to ensure you are getting optimal nutrition for optimal chance at fertility.