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At Jake Campus Nutrition our mission is to educate and make science-based nutrition digestible so you can sustain your results long-term.

Jake Campus

Owner, founder and driving force behind Jake Campus Nutrition

Jake’s vast education, industry experience and ambitions have been the driving force behind the success and credibility of JCN. 

He began his career back in 2009 before re-branding to Jake Campus Nutrition in 2013. In this time, Jake and JCN have helped over 20,000 people alongside his team of qualified nutritionists.
Also known for his impressive career as a professional bodybuilder, Jake has competed all over the world in some of the largest federations and shows such as the IFBB Olympia and WBFF, he has over 30 shows under his belt. 
This has made Jake one of the most credible science-based competition prep coaches, with a track record of winning over 18 athletes their professional status within the industry.




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Years of Experience

JCN Community

At Jake Campus Nutrition we pride ourselves on educating our clients on all things nutrition and training so that you are able to sustain your results long term. We have helped over 25,000 people transform their lives all over the globe.

Whether you are after general health and fitness, weight loss, muscle building or competition prep, our coaches are here to support you every step of the way and make your transformation perfect for you! It is time to say goodbye to quick fix fad diets and hello to JCN.

Our Services

Achieve results and experience the full JCN experience and support.

Designed with your goals in mind. The JCN team customise all nutrition plans based on your goals. Work with your nutritionist to make a nutrition plan that works for you!

Receive ongoing email support from your nutritionist throughout your program for any questions, concerns or changes you may have. Feel supported every step of the way.

Get access to the exclusive JCN App and Vault with 100’s of recipes, a large exercise library, educational content and more. Continue learning as you venture on your transformation.

Exclusively available on our Lifestyle Premium Program, webinars, education and Q+A’s with JCN’s transformational coach Aneta talking all things success, mental health and wellbeing.

Meet The Team

Meet Reegan. Born in the UK and raised in Hawkes Bay NZ, Reegan’s qualifications include a Masters of Applied Science majoring in Advanced Nutrition practice.

Reegans areas of interest include assisting clients with their weight loss journeys, pregnancy, post-partum & breast feeding clients as well as individuals with medical conditions needing support. Reagan’s sporting interests include Netball where she represented Hawkes Bay for 6 years however she much prefers to train weights over cardio nowadays. 

Reegan believes in “everything in moderation” and practices what she preaches by following the same protocols that she would recommend to her clients.



Meet Cam. Cam has been with Jake Campus Nutrition for 4-years with a special interest in women’s health, hormones, fat loss, and performance clients.Cam has a Post-graduate Degree in Sport & Exercise Science whilst he is currently completing his master’s majoring in Sport Nutrition.

Cam is passionate about whanau, so you can usually find him roaming the waters of New Zealand on the weekends with a truckload of his nephews in tow. If not, there’s no doubt he’s out and about trying to find more Asian fusion to add to his go-to restaurant list.



Sam has been with JCN for over 3 years and is here to help you with any account enquiries to ensure you have the best experience with us.

She is a mum and loves to keep fit, following her JCN nutrition and training plan, and in her spare time races a super modified across NZ.




Alicia comes from a widely skilled background, with experience in executive & personal assistant roles, managing high-end brands, as well as running her own beauty and apparel businesses.

Alicia brings a new creative outlook to the brand and thrives in fast paced ever-changing environments which reflects in the brand being able to evolve and adapt and in turn, reaming a leader within the industry.

Our goal is to continue to expand whilst staying true to Jake’s core value of creating a healthier community with a scientifically proven approach.



Meet Rhiannon, our head performance coach. Rhiannon is a qualified evidence based sports nutritionist who has been practicing since 2017.  Rhiannon is passionate about nutrition, physical health and promoting a flexible and realistic approach to her clients.  

With a competitive background herself, Rhiannon’s focus with performance clients is to provide optimal nutrition and training protocols to ensure you can reach your athletic goals. Rhiannon is a WBFF bikini athlete who has stepped on stage 7 times to date and has taken out top placings. Rhiannon’s goal is to help educate her clients and help them to become their own inspiration as she has done herself. 



Aneta siedlecka

Aneta is a Holistic Transformational Coach with over 12 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Her background has always been in health and fitness and mind-body-soul transformation.

Aneta is an integral part of the JCN Lifestyle Premium program and will be joining you on your 12 week journey through webinars, seminars and educational app content.





I have enjoyed being with JCN over the last three months, improving my performance in the gym and nutritional education. The friendly support, encouragement, and prompt reply to my questions, has given me the confidence to go it alone now and I’m grateful for the wins.



When you first think of a transformation challenge you often think of someone losing a lot of weight or making a drastic body change, however this challenge for me was so much more, yes I lost 3kg but I gained a whole lot more, I gained confidence in my own skin, I gained drive and motivation for the gym again, I gained the ability to eat freely and not restrict myself on certain foods, I gained mental strength and I gained the knowledge to take with me in everyday life to keep improving and bettering myself every day. 


I have loved the educational webinars and the podcasts Jake had provided, so much value for money. I don’t feel so overwhelmed when it comes to dieting. This has been the easiest “diet” phase I’ve gone through. I look forward to doing more challenges in the future! I loved how Jake incorporated what I was previously doing and just tweaked a few things to get the best results, it helped me keep motivated.


Want to join the team?

The team at Jake Campus Nutrition is always growing and we are always looking for passionate and hardworking accredited and qualified nutritionists who want to join a hardworking, supportive and enthusiastic team.

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