Introducing Protein powder into my diet

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Protein powder is a supplement that can replace a whole food protein source in a cheap, convenient and tasty way that can work with your JCN meal plan. Protein powder is sweet with most whole food sources being savory so it makes for a nice way to add some sweet meals into your plan. 
Protein is essential for the body, we need it to maintain muscle mass for health. This protects joints from injury later in life. It also has an impact on metabolic rate, the more muscle you carry the higher amount of energy from food your body needs so its important to maintain protein intake in a deficit to preserve muscle tissue. To build muscle protein is the key nutrient that recovers tissue for muscles to become bigger and stronger. 
Protein in my breakfast: 
Cereal; With breakfast, we have our clients mix protein powder with water and pour over cereal/muesli as the “milk”.
Protein porridge; Cook as normal on stovetop or microwave and add protein powder in before or stir through after cooking.
Smoothies; Fairly simple add a as directed in your plan, a good protein powder won’t just add to the nutritional content but also the taste, leaving it thick and creamy.
Protein with my snacks: 
Protein shake; A simple way to get your protein in by simply mixing with water your plan will also incorporate a accompanying snack with your shake unless this is a post work out snack.
Protein pudding; To make a pudding mix protein serve and a high protein yogurt together as a base for the pudding to add nuts/seeds and fruit. 
Protein baking; Your protein powder can be worked into some cooking to make high protein pancakes, muffins, and bliss balls all can be found in your VIP access. Its best to work with your nutritionist to see what recipes work best with your plan.
Protein powder is gender neutral so both male and females can use the same ones. If your lactose intolerant, use an isolate or plant-based protein. Vegans opt for a plant-based protein, most others can use a whey protein.
My top recommendations:
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