Weighing your food

With a specific goal measured food is a great way to get started, have a more customised approach and monitor where your progression. With a customised approach and our qualifications grams can give us a more accurate reading on whats working. For us starting out using cups for example doesn’t give us an exact unit of measure to make amendments. Be mindful of added sauces, sugars, and oils (we have given you recommendations on what to use here)

This isn’t a longterm part of your journey – but it is important for the beginning.

Tips on how to weighing your food:

  1. GOOD SCALES: You will need a good electronic scale to weigh your food. If you do not weigh your food, it makes it difficult for us to adjust your programme. This will help you get an idea of portion size so when in the maintenance phase of our programme, we can switch to eye balling food as you will have got an idea of portion size. You can purchase JCN scales from us  online here
  2. COOKED WEIGHT VS RAW WEIGHT: Cooked weight: Total of weight cooked. Raw weight: Total of weight raw. 
  3. MEASURING MEALS WHEN YOU COOKING FOR OTHERS: It is up to you if you wish to prepare seperate meals, but we are confident you won’t need too. Have the family eat healthier and prepare your meals all together. Prepare your plate first using your measurements, then divide up everyone else.
  4. BULK PREP: Bulk prep is great for getting results as it saves time. Dedicate an hour or so to prepare 2 or 3 meals you love then portion into good Tupperware for your week.