$189.99 p/w
+ $199.99 Initial consult & set up fee


  • Initial consult call.
  • Follow up call after first planned is assigned.
  • Weekly online check-ins via the JCN app.
  • Meal plan or macro approach for your nutrition.
  • Customised training based on your physique goals (6 week training blocks).
  • Bloodwork & hormone analysis.
  • Supplement protocols.
  • Weekly face to face check-ins including calliper testing.
  • Peak week protocols – daily check-ins online.
  • Plus 3 face to face check-ins during peak week..
  • Reviewing of posing/ videos throughout prep.
  • Contest prep guide & checklist.
  • 20 week minimum term.
$189.99 p/w
$199.99 initial consult & set up fee



Start your VIP experience with a comprehensive consultation with Jake about your goals, health history, preferences and expectations. This is where you will discuss your body composition goals and timelines so Jake can prescribe the best protocols for you. 


After you have received your new plan, you will then receive an additional call to ensure you understand all aspects of your set protocols and the steps required moving forward, including your expectations as an athlete. 


As a face to face VIP client you will visit Jake once a week to check-in, in person and have calliper testing done. This consultation will involve a full assessment of your body composition including assessing your bodies movement throughout posing.


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  • The VIP program is designed for individuals who are coachable, highly motivated, and disciplined. It’s an application-only program that provides personalised nutrition and training plans tailored to your specific goals, such as bodybuilding, sports performance, hormonal management, and health improvement.
  • If you’re looking for general lifestyle goals and accountability the lifestyle premium plan is better suited to you.  
  • If you’re a beginner with minimal nutritional knowledge, the lifestyle premium plan is better suited to you.  
  • If you’re on a budget the lifestyle premium plan is our best available option for nutrition, training, and fortnightly check-ins.  
  • If you aren’t aiming to do a competition or need to peak for a certain event, however you would like more accountability and a more hands on approach, our performance plan may also be suitable for you.  

Jake’s VIP service is by application only. Jake will review all applications and will select clients to work with that have more specific health or body composition goals rather than an everyday lifestyle approach. If you are wanting to compete, prep for a photoshoot, rectify your hormones or health, then you will likely be a suitable candidate for this service.

All VIP clients will work directly with Jake. The VIP program is our only service that allows clients to work directly with Jake. 

  • Work 1:1 with Jake Campus. 
  • Onboarding call after successful application. 
  • Custom meal plan or macros. 
  • Custom training program written by Jake.  
  • Custom step target and cardio prescription as required. 
  • Bloodwork reading and supplementation protocols if required. 
  • Specific custom supplement prescription if required. 
  • Weekly check-ins with Jake through the JCN app. 
  • Access to exclusive JCN recipes and educational vault within the app. 
  • Ongoing support and contact with your coach. 
  • Peaking Protocols for photoshoots, bodybuilding shows, and sporting events.
  • The minimum term of this service will vary depending on chosen package – 16 or 20 weeks.

Yes if required, Jake will design a structured training program to suit. If you would like to follow your own training plan this is okay, please make mention of this when having your onboarding call.

Yes. Jake is qualified to work with both pregnant and post-partum clients Jake and the team have the most recent industry knowledge when providing information to antenatal and postnatal clients. We take pride in knowing we can provide you with the best possible nutritional protocols to ensure you and your baby are strong and healthy. 

Upon submitting your VIP application to Jake and having this approved, you will be required to pay the initial consultation and set up fee of $199.00 AUD. 

Once this is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and set up your JCN app. From here you will fill out your pre-assessment form via the app where you will be required to give thorough details, so Jake can build out your plans. 

After your plan has been created, Jake will arrange a call with you to go through each section of your nutrition and training protocols to ensure you understand what is required, as well as how the process of working together will look over your time as a VIP client.

Yes. Whether you are trying to regain your menstrual cycle, improve your chances of getting pregnant or to support you on your IVF journey, Jake can assist with nutritional strategies alongside your health care provider to ensure you are getting optimal nutrition for optimal chance at fertility.

The “Minimum term” set out for each package (16 or 20 weeks depending on package) determines the minimum amount of weeks you are locked in to your contract for this service. If you wish to continue working with Jake past your minimum term, your weekly payment will continue as per normal. If you wish to cancel, you will need to notify Jake or the admin team to have your account set to term.

After joining any JCN program and agreeing to our terms and conditions, you will not be released from your contract or weekly payments until your minimum term is completed. You can view our full terms and contains and cancellation policy here.

There is a strict no refund or cancellation policy so if you choose to not complete your weekly coaching service before your minimum term is complete, you will be liable to pay out the remaining amount due on your account to reach your minimum term. Eg. if you cancel at week 16 of a 20 week minimum term, you are liable for the remaining 4 weeks payments.

Failure to do so will result in your account being passed to debt collection which will affect your personal credit rating.