Hey good to see you again!

This JCN update is a little different than the usual….

We believe that updating your plan is important but not always necessary if there is something else in your journey holding you back. We aim to support your nutrition journey overall – so perhaps this fortnight you may need more motivation, inspiration or education to make your current plan do what it needs. We are giving you the choice to checkin like normal or choose to learn more about how you can push harder for your results through a couple of webinars from Jake Campus. These webinars are pre-recorded due to covid so you can watch at you leisure and download to re-watch at any stage of your Lifestyle journey. Each webinar has a recap and a focus for you to head into the next fortnight with your existing Nutrition plan but a new focus. Choose what you feel will best benefit your JCN journey this fortnight. Updates and webinars will be sent by email within 48 business hours from submission date.

Motivation & Mindset webinar:

Motivation is a big component to the lifestyle process and its normal to not feel motivated 24/7 – Jake will give you a rundown of why motivation is important and some tools to reset your mindset at those times you feel unmotivated.

Approximately 10 minutes

Understanding movement for your goals webinar:

Jake breaks down the basics of energy expenditure – calories in VS calories out and how movement can work towards a fat loss goal.

Approximately 18minutes.

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