Progress Photos

When the weight on the scale does not move, or it fluctuates (and it more than likely will at some point!) progress pictures can be a good point of reference to keep everything in perspective. Progress pictures often provide reassurance that yes, you are on the right track and your body is in fact changing – even when the scales are not being kind on a particular day.

Not all photos are good photos, so here are some top tips for taking useful progress pictures:

Wear as little clothing as possible.

Ideally you want to be in underwear, a swimsuit or small shorts and a sports bra. You want to be able to actually see your body. If you are not comfortable doing this then make sure you wear clothes that show your shape. Ideally wear the same thing each time.

Take the photo in the same place standing in the same pose.

Different lighting can make your body look completely different, so it is important to take progress photos in similar conditions. Try and stand in the same position to make comparisons easy. Take photos directly front on and from the back, and make sure that these are full length. If you do not have someone to do this for you set up your phone and take a video of you in the two positions. You can then take screenshots from this to use as your progress photos.

Take the photo at the same time of day every week or fortnight.

Your body can look completely different from morning to night so it is a good idea is to take the photo at the same time of the day and day of the week.

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