Prep’d under 10 minutes!

Viv is a socialite and eats out regularly – can you relate? She’s after a healthy, fat option for the fridge to whip some meals together when she needs dinner or lunch.

SO! Jake and Prep’d are getting her Prep’d with…. PREP’!

We making donburi bowls!

Using Prep’d:

  • Meatballs
  • Edamame Rice 
  • Slaw

Extras ( optional ) :

  • Soy Sauce – For Meatballs 
  • Low fat dressing – For slaw

Heat your meatballs in a fry pan until heated completely through – drizzle some soy to bring out the flavours and add a sauce element. Heat your Prep’d rice in microwave until hot.

Serve with dressed Prep’d slaw.

get prepd!

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