Potato Squeaks

BUBBLE & SQUEAK ????????????

Prep time: 5minutes⁠
Cook time: 5 – 10minutes⁠
Serves: 2 (can adjust to however many you would like to make) ⁠

Protein: For your protein use 185 – 200g canned tuna for your mixture OR an extra egg to poach and serve on top!
Carbs: 200g cooked leftover roast veggies (potato, kumara, pumpkin, etc.) or potato salad⁠
Vegetables: Salad or veg to serve
+1 egg or flax egg (V)⁠ to bind your bubble. -⁠

1.Dice up leftovers (and tuna if that’s your protein option ) into your large mixing bowl.⁠
2.Whisk the egg in a small bowl. Add to the leftover mixture.⁠
3.Mix with masher or fork until well combined.⁠
4.Half mixture and scoop into one big ball or a couple of small balls.⁠
5.Squash balls into a patty⁠
6.Add light oil spray to pan ⁠
7.Fry patties until golden brown on each side⁠
8.Enjoy with a side of fresh salad or top with a poached egg

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