Pickled Onions

Not only are they a vibrant pink colour, pickled red onions are tangy, sweet, and a little bit crunchy. They are great in sandwiches, salads, and burgers, or if you are anything like me then you can eat them directly from the jar!


2 red onions (about 2 cups, sliced)

1 c white vinegar

1 c water

2 T sugar

2 T salt


You will need to finely slice the onions (I recommend a mandolin if you have one) and to add them to a jar or bowl. 

In a separate pot, heat the vinegar, sugar, salt and water together until everything is dissolved. Allow to cool. 

When lukewarm, pour over your onions and leave to sit for at least one to two hours or even overnight. When your onions are pretty and pink they are ready to eat.

You can change up the flavour by adding peppercorns, fresh thyme, or garlic.

You can also use the same base recipe for other vegetables! Replace the onions with two cups of another vegetable. Cucumbers are another one of my favourites! Along with cauliflower and carrots!

Looking for a spicy pickled veg? Give our Cauliflower Pickle a go! To the vinegar base above, add one bay leaf along with 1/2t of each turmeric, cumin seeds, and fresh crushed garlic before heating.