I’m Jake Campus.

& this is Jake Campus Nutrition 

Everyone is different and not one style of eating will work for everyone. We all have different goals, different genetics and different taste buds. Customised nutrition is the key to success – no fads, just real food suited to you and your lifestyle. Behind our desks are qualified Nutritionist that are trained in the Jake Campus approach. 

How it all works 

JCN programs are scientifically designed to help clients reach their goals. With thorough consultations and in-depth food knowledge, we take your needs and the foods you like and create a plan that’s enjoyable. Online or offline – we need you to be honest and follow the steps. Its important to understand we will create a plan for you! So what has worked for your friend, brother, mother, work colleague – might not work for you. This is your journey – We want you to succeed just as much as you do.



Regular check-ins not only keep you accountable but they also allow us to tweak your diet and exercise routine to keep you progressing towards your goal. We will guide you in choosing more nutritious foods that are full of flavour and fill you up, while making sure that you are beginning to understand what your body needs.

Body Shock


Using foods that you enjoy and that are found in your pantry and local grocery store, we will make changes to your current diet. We will teach you about body composition and why we track progress using body fat analysis, rather than scale weight. 



Once we have created some good habits we will teach you how to reintroduce ‘cheat meals’ and give you dietary freedom.

We will teach you how to find the best option on the menu, how to understand a food label and what to do when the food selection is out of your control. This is essential to making your journey a lifestyle change.



Once we reach your goal we want to make sure that you are set for life.

In this case, we will slowly increase food and food variety to allow your body to adjust and maintain your result. We will structure the exercise to a more lifestyle-based routine. We don’t want this to be a phase we want you to reach your goal and keep it!