I’m Jake Campus.

& this is Jake Campus Nutrition 

Everyone is different and not one style of eating will work for everyone. We all have different goals, different genetics and different taste buds. Customised nutrition is the key to success – no fads, just real food suited to you and your lifestyle. Behind our desks are qualified Nutritionist that are trained in the Jake Campus approach. 

How it all works 

JCN programs are scientifically designed to help clients reach their goals. With thorough consultations and in-depth food knowledge, we take your needs and the foods you like and create a plan that’s enjoyable. Online or offline – we need you to be honest and follow the steps. Its important to understand we will create a plan for you! So what has worked for your friend, brother, mother, work colleague – might not work for you. This is your journey – We want you to succeed just as much as you do.


What plan is best for me?

The best plan is the one that keeps you accountable, gives you variety and will on track with your goals. From our experience we recommend a service such as the Lifestyle or coming in face to face. These two services are on-going so if you need support, motivation and variation – this is what is offered as you have regular contact with a nutritionist.

If you do not wish to commit to we have the JCN one off plan to get you started. One off plans are customised to you but will only cover a short term period ( you cant eat the same way forever and progress ) So we recommend following up this service with a new plan every few months or so.

Do you cater for certain dietary requirements?

YES! We cater for all dietary requirements and also cater to Vegans and Vegetarians.

ALL plans are designed specifically for you and your needs. Jake Campus Nutritionist are trained and qualified to make sure your food choices are safe. We encourage anyone with intolerances to still take precautions as normal and read labels carefully.

Do I get cheat meals?

Yes and No.

We would have included some healthy meals out on the bottom of your plan unless you have an extreme food allergy or preference we can’t cater for with commercial food outlets. These meals are to enjoy and feel like a mental break from eating your home-cooked food, along with giving you time to socialise with friends or an option to grab if life gets busy. They are still within the caloric ranges to keep you progressing towards your goals. Over the course of your time with us, we will add in free meals, cheat meals or high carb days/high carb meals dependant on your progress, what your body needs and to also try and keep it enjoyable for you.

An average fat loss deficit for a client is 4000 calories through diet and exercise per week to lose 500g fat. Now, if once a week you grab a burger and fries, that’s 2000-2500 calories in ONE meal, which is 50-60% of your fat loss deficit GONE in one meal. To burn that off with EXTRA cardio would mean 3.5-4.5 EXTRA hours of cardio.

Once you enter the maintenance phase of your plan (explained in the next section), we will add in meals out/cheat meals as you no longer are trying to achieve your goal, but rather learning how to have some of the foods you love in moderation and maintain the results long-term. We will walk you through this phase.

What do I do once I achieve my goal?

Once you reach your goal, you cannot simply stay on the last plan we gave you. If you were on a fat loss plan, you would be eating too few calories to get sufficient nutrients to promote optimal health. Likewise, if you were on a muscle-gaining plan, you may now have ‘too many calories’ and gain unwanted body fat in the long-term.

Reverse dieting includes the strategies to get you to the maintenance level required for your body to hold its weight with a moderate amount of exercise, 1-2 free (cheat) meals per week, and sufficient amounts of food to have optimal health and energy.

This phase lasts 3-6 check-ins once initiated (6-12 weeks).

Do I need to exercise on my plan?

Your goal is our number one priority – so if exercise will get you there faster you will be recommended exercise to compliment your programme and your lifestyle. It is important you fill out your pre-assessment with any injuries, medical conditions and types of exercise you enjoy so we can create something that best works for you. 

Want to smash these goals? Add a customised training plan to your programme. This will map out a in depth plan based on your goals. JCN Male training plans are designed by Jake himself and females plans are designed by Jess Coate Campus – One of the best Personal Trainers in New Zealand.


How do I sign up?

Select the plan that best suits you. Complete the consultation form out as thoroughly as possible. The more information our nutritionist can work off the better plan you will get.

Taking progress photos

Photos showcase a better all round result – our bodies can transform in many different ways – not just weight and its important the JCN team are aware of the changes to create a winning meal plan and for yourself to document your journey.

  • Always use a FLASH in the pictures as this helps prevent shadows.
  • Take them in front of a PLAIN WHITE background.
  • Send a full body (head to toe) FRONT and BACK picture.
  • Please add photos that are vertically aligned
  • Always take your pictures at the same time of day, with the same amount of food / water in you.
  • Please ensure your photo is no more than 4mb
  • For MEN – Wear shorts, no shirt or a singlet
  • For WOMEN – Wear Crop top/ singlet and short shorts.

*Should you feel more comfortable wearing more clothing please make sure its fitting so we can still see your shape – and make sure you wear the same for the next update.

Preparing to sign up

With plans being customised for you and your lifestyle, our initial consultation will ask you for 3 days of your typical eating habits and also some photos.

Photos are so we can measure your results throughout the journey – they are an important measurement for the program. Photos are safe and will only be shared with your permission. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your photos as well to keep you accountable.

What do I need to get started?

All JCN plans will require you to weigh your meals so you will need a set of kitchen scales. It isn’t necessary but water is crucial to results so a good 1.5 litre drink bottle is good to have on hand. Last but not least a good clear mindset. JCN Plans are designed on science-based facts, trust the process and be honest in your consults and be honest with yourself.


How long does it take to get my plan?

As your plan will be tailored to you we need 5-7 business days to prepare an initial plan – the time is depending on the service you choose – details will be stated on the service page, and again through the signup.

If you are on a subscription based plan your updated meal plans will be emailed back to your as soon as they have been amended up to 48 business hours – please keep in mind we have Nutritionist customising your plans – not an app. So plans will not be instantly updated.

Appointments at our JCN clinic will include your plan on the day so we can brief you.