Photos showcase a better all round result – our bodies can transform in many different ways – not just weight and its important the JCN team are aware of the changes to create a winning meal plan and for yourself to document your journey.


  • Always use a FLASH in the pictures as this helps prevent shadows.
  • Take them in front of a PLAIN WHITE background.
  • Send a full body (head to toe) FRONT and BACK picture.
  • Please add photos that are vertically aligned
  • Always take your pictures at the same time of day, with the same amount of food / water in you.
  • Please ensure your photo is no more than 4mb
  • For MEN – Wear shorts, no shirt or a singlet
  • For WOMEN – Wear Crop top/ singlet and short shorts.

*Should you feel more comfortable wearing more clothing please make sure its fitting so we can still see your shape – and make sure you wear the same for the next update.

Log your weight and upload your most recent photos

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