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Work with Qualified Nutritionist! Customised Nutrition program designed & updated for your lifestyle, your goal, your taste buds.

Sign up and within 5 business days you will recieve a customised meal plan – customised to you and your lifetsyle. Check in with us every fortnight, so we can access your progress and make amendements to your plan.

$29.95 per week – 12 week minimum term.
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How the JCN Lifestyle plan works:

Want a new taste for life?
One where you feel healthy on the inside and look it on the outside?

With unique and personalised approach that fits your lifestyle. This program helps you eat healthier, get active at your own pace and discover new ways to get the results you want. 

How it works:
We give you the tools - You give it your all.

This plan offers customised nutrition plans specific to you and your goals. This rollover plan includes; fortnightly amendments (if you update) meal adjustments, training guidelines, education, recipes and the ability to contact a nutritionist through our online system. Special food conditions catered for eg. Vegan/vegetarian plans, Food Allergy plans, Coeliac and chrons, Cholesterol and health management etc.

The program is a rollover plan that requires a minimum of 12 weeks. We are creating a lifestyle change – this is not a fad challenge. We want to create results for life!

Accountability & motivation:
What can I access on my lifestyle plan?

Once you sign up you get exclusive access to an online portal. Here you can access recipes, update forms, knowledge bombs, new grocery finds, communication to JCN and a personalised progress tracker to monitor your results throughout your journey

Lifestyle Change VS Lifestyle Results 
One plan - two types of services

Everyones goals is different – our results approach take your goal and create a stricter lifestyle to get you there faster. Our change program works as a slower burn we make affective changes but less aggressive so you can stick to the change in lifestyle. You can alternate between the two through out the program.

Its important to remember; This program is called lifestyle because we want to make LONGTERM Changes. This isnt a challenge or a quick fix. Lets get results and keep them.

If you dont measure it you cant track it!

We use photographs to track your progress and a online weightless tracker

More Questions?

Here are a few common questions we are asked – if you need more information feel free to contact us through our form above

How long does it take to get my first plan?

Your plan will be tailored to you – we need upto 5 business days to prepare an initial plan.  As soon as you sign up you will receive an exclusive login to our JCN website where you can access tips and tricks for your journey.

Once your meal plan is ready it will be emailed through to you. Please check all inbox folders as this maybe directed to spam depending on how your inbox is set up

How long is the lifestyle program?

Every goal and every client is different and therefore how long it takes you to reach your goal will rely on many personal factors. We need to get you to your goal safely and we want you to maintain it. Our lifestyle plan is a ongoing plan which requires a minimum of 12 payments how long you stay on the plan is completely upto you.

Why do I need photos?

With plans being customised for you and your lifestyle, ALL Jake Campus consultations will ask you for starting photos.

Photos are so we can measure your results throughout the journey – they are an important measurement for the program. Photos are safe and will only be shared with your permission. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your photos as well to keep you accountable. You are welcome to block out face or wear clothing that you are comfortable in – as long as we can see your shape.

Im signing up with my partner! Can our plans work together?

YES! If you are signing up with your partner or flatmate and will be food shopping or cooking together let us know! We will try make a plan thats not only customised to you but works well in your house hold.

Payments and account will need to remain seperate to cater to the service however you can request payment to go out the same day if you are paying on a joint account.

Do I get cheat days?

We want to create a plan you can stick to and cheat meals will either make or break your results – it depends on how well you can adjust to other lifetsyle changes. Everyone is different – therefore every journey is different but it is tailored to you. 

When can I cancel?

We ask you to commit to 12 weeks as per terms and conditions. Success wont happen over night so we want you to commit – This is a rollover plan as it is a “lifestyle”. After you reach your minimum term you are welcome to cancel down we just require 7days notice. If you do not cancel you still have access to plan updates and the JCN portal to work further towards your goals.

JCN Lifestyle Program Terms & Conditions 

You are required to read and sign Terms and Conditions upon signing up to any Jake Campus program. Your submission will not proceed otherwise.