Tailored Nutrition plans designed & updated for your your goal, taste buds & lifestyle.

Let us work with you to support long term results! Our Lifestyle Plan focuses on behaviour change and we believe that by addressing food selection, portion control, and eating behaviours that this can help clients achieve their goals while also ensuring that they have the tools to create sustainable change. 


Sign up by completing a online consultation and starting your payments.  In 7 days you will receive your first nutrition plan – tailored to your goals! 

From there > You are required to checkin with us fortnightly to update us on your progress. 

By checking in, a team of Qualified Nutritionists will support your goals, update your plan if needed and respond within a couple of days via email.

Progress is monitored by scale weight and photos. Please have a front & back progression photo ready to upload when you sign up.

Our program takes weekly payments of $34.95 and requires a minimum term commitment stated in the terms and conditions

If you are after a ‘result’ we will start you on stricter initial nutrition plan then transition into a balance approach. Let’s work hard to reach your goal then look to re-introduce some flexibility whilst maintaining your results.

Learn how to balance and introduce food freedom and flexibility. Balanced recipes, eating out advice and quick grocery finds. 

Lets create longterm results for life! Maintaining your results along the way!

Let’s be honest you have come to us to make some changes – we cannot deliver results by doing the same thing!

Our Lifestyle Plan focuses on behaviour change and we believe that addressing food selection, portion control, and eating behaviours will help you achieve your goals while also ensuring that they have the tools to create sustainable change. While there are multiple ways to achieve this e.g. meal plan, flexible dieting, intermittent fasting, etc. and this program is based on a meal plan and a variety of food selection within it. 

As you begin your journey, be prepared to measure food, read food labels, and to include plenty of nutrient dense food options. We will adopt a balanced approach to nutrition (meaning that there will be no unnecessary restrictions!) and focus the energy balance equation. In return, we ask for your commitment to consistency and to set realistic targets. 

Our goal for you is to create a sustainable change and eventually end up on our ‘maintenance program’, but how you achieve this is completely up to you. Do you want to take the hard and fast approach using our results plan or use a more balanced approach? 

Everyone’s journey is different. Let us work with you so you can discover yours.

The Lifestyle focuses on your results and ways to eat the food you love whilst working towards that goal. Below is a free taste of some of our recipes. Scroll through whats on offer.


The Lifestyle focuses on your results and ways to eat the food you love whilst working towards that goal. Below is a free taste of some of our recipes. Scroll through whats on offer.

How long does it take to get my first plan?

Your plan will be tailored to you, your goals and lifestyle – we need upto 7 business days to prepare an initial plan.  As soon as you sign up you will receive an exclusive login to our JCN website where you can access tips and tricks for your journey and we will send you emails to prepare for getting started.

Once your meal plan is ready it will be emailed through to you. Please check all inbox folders as this maybe directed to spam depending on how your inbox is set up

Can I track using macros?
  1. If you are someone who finds tracking using an app like My Fitness Pal beneficial then you are able to do so, however we encourage food selection within the JCN Nutrition plan. Protein and fibre targets can be given if requested in your signup form, ensuring you still stay within energy balance for the day. If this is something that you would like to do we do require your food entries and/or weekly nutrient averages which can be uploaded in the food diary section at updates
  2. How come I won’t be tracking carbohydrates and fats? Can you calculate the other macros? No, this program does not offer this. The Lifestyle plan focuses on behaviour change and is based on a meal plan.The main reason that we do not track carbohydrates and dietary fats on the Lifestyle plan is to support flexibility within your diet. This allows you to choose foods that you enjoy and that work for your body and lifestyle. These also do not have any impact on your total energy intake and therefore are likely to have little influence on us reaching your goals. Fibre is important as it encourages a nutrient dense diet and supports optimal digestion. Protein supports maintenance and growth of muscle mass, training recovery, satiety, and metabolism.  

If you would like more information or to move to a plan that fully tracking macros please contact our admin team here


How long is the lifestyle program?

Every goal and every client is different and therefore how long it takes you to reach your goal will rely on many personal factors. We need to get you to your goal safely and we want you to maintain it.

Lifestyle $34.95: Our lifestyle plan is a ongoing plan which requires a minimum of 12 payments but will rollover –


How long you stay on the plan outside the term is completely up to you, we have clients that continue to work with us indefinitely and update regularly – others choose to cancel when they feel confident to continue on their own.

You can cancel down once your outside the term with 7 days notice.

Is this suitable whilst pregnant?

We do cater to pregnant women and provide plans that focus on supporting a healthy pregnancy. We recommend signing up for our One-Off plan which will provide you with some food ideas and tips to manage common issues associated with pregnancy. This is a one-off purchase and gives you the flexibility to manage your own journey. If you are someone who requires more accountability and on-going support then check out our Lifestyle Change program. 


O​ne-off Plan information can be found here:​​

Our goal for you over this time is to provide you and your baby with the nutrients required to thrive, and both of the options offered above will support this. A weight loss goal whilst pregnant is not something that we condone.

Is this suitable whilst breastfeeding?

We have many clients who are breastfeeding, the nourishment of breastmilk (quality and quantity) will be our top priority as nutritionists. When you submit your application be sure to mention you are breastfeeding so we can pass your form onto the best-suited nutritionist. 

Please note that breastfeeding requires clients to be in an energy surplus, especially new mums. This means weight loss will be slow, we ask that communication around changes in breastmilk is essential for progression.

If you have any further question please feel free to contact us

Why do I need photos?

With plans being customised for you and your lifestyle, ALL Jake Campus consultations will ask you for starting photos.

Photos are so we can measure your results throughout the journey – they are an important measurement for the program. Photos are safe and will only be shared with your permission. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your photos as well to keep you accountable. You are welcome to block out your face or wear clothing that you are comfortable in – as long as we can see your shape.

How do I take photos?

Photos showcase a better all round result. Our bodies can transform in many different ways, not just in weight. It’s important the JCN team are aware of the changes to create a winning meal plan and for yourself to be able to document your journey.

  • Always use a FLASH in the pictures as this helps prevent shadows.
  • Take them in front of a PLAIN WHITE background.
  • Send a full body (head to toe) FRONT and BACK picture.
  • Please add photos that are vertically aligned
  • Always take your pictures at the same time of day, with the same amount of food / water in you.
  • Please ensure your photo is no more than 4mb
  • For MEN – Wear shorts, no shirt or a singlet
  • For WOMEN – Wear Crop top/ singlet and short shorts.

*Should you feel more comfortable wearing more clothing please make sure its fitting so we can still see your shape – and make sure you wear the same for the next update.

How long is the Lifestyle?

This service is $34.95 per week – subscription service with 12 week minimum term commitment. The program will rollover and continue past this term as it is designed to suite individual needs – Please understand this is NOT a 12 week challenge -its the beginning of a longterm lifestyle change. Our support and assistance are available to you as long as you are on the program and paying. You are free to cancel down once outside of your minimum term. Please do not sign up if you cannot fufil payments. Failure to make payments will result in debt collection. Before signing up you are required to read and sign Terms and Conditions upon signing up to any Jake Campus program. Your submission will not proceed unless these have been read and signed. Please note all contact with this program is made via online.

Im signing up with my partner! Can our plans work together?

YES! If you are signing up with your partner or flatmate and will be food shopping or cooking together let us know! We will try make a plan thats not only customised to you but works well in your house hold.

Payments and account will need to remain seperate to cater to the service however you can request payment to go out the same day if you are paying on a joint account.

Can home meal kit deliveries be incorporated with plans, such as My Food bag, Hello Fresh?

In regards to incorporating your customised meal plan into a home meal
kit delivery, this can be accomplished but our nutritionists are only
able to provide assistance with the protein and carb portion of your
plan as we do not have access to the condiment’s nutritional

When you sign up simply let our team know your meal kit provider
including the types of food that may be available to yourself, they
will do their best to create a plan around your meal kit, which will
include the portion sizing that you should be having.

Do I get cheat days?

We want to create a plan you can stick to and cheat meals will either make or break your results – it depends on how well you can adjust to other lifetsyle changes. Everyone is different – therefore every journey is different but it is tailored to you. 

When can I cancel?

We ask you to commit to 12 weeks as per terms and conditions. Success wont happen over night so we want you to commit – This is a rollover plan as it is a “lifestyle”. After you reach your minimum term you are welcome to cancel down we just require 7days notice. If you do not cancel you still have access to plan updates and the JCN portal to work further towards your goals.