JCN Sushi Bowls

Love sushi – Have you made your own before?

Sometimes rolling and fitting your ingredients into 1 nori roll can be fiddly – our JCN Sushi bowls are super easy and a great lunch option to prep for the week.


  • Sushi or short grain rice – as per the carb portion from your plan
  • Pre-prepared chicken, beef, prawns, tofu, or edamame beans – as per the protein portion from your plan
  • Sliced cucumber, carrot, and radish
  • Avocado, sesame seeds, sesame oil, or pumpkin seeds – as per the fat portion from your plan
  • Reduced salt soy sauce, picked ginger, and Nori seaweed as you like
  •  METHOD:

    Slice your vegetables, prepare your protein, cook your rice, chill, then assemble your bowl.

    Optional: Style for the gram!