JCN Skewers

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Who doesn’t love a good BBQ skewer? They’re easy to work into your plan, great for entertaining and always delicious! Check out some of our favourite flavour combos below.

If you are using wooden skewers make sure you soak these in water overnight to prevent burning. Marinate your protein at the same time to enhance the flavour.

To create a balanced meal combine these with rice, potato or make your own garlic bread. Add any of your favourite vegetables – capsicum, onion, mushrooms, tomato, and zucchini are all delicious!

Each recipes serves at least two. 




Beef – filet mignon or porterhouse steak are great for skewers but you can use any cut of beef! Use your portion. Cut in 2-3 cm chunks.

JCN Teriyaki Marinade

3 cloves garlic, finely diced
3cm ginger, grated
1 red chilli, diced with seeds
2T soy sauce
2T sweet chilli sauce (make sure you choose one that is lower in sugar such as Barker’s)
5g sesame oil



Chicken breast – skin removed, cut into 2-3cm cubes. Use the portion from your plan.

Chicken Rub

1t of each ground cumin, oregano, & paprika 

TIP – this recipe is great with baby tomatoes! 


JCN Prawn & Pineapple:

Prawns – defrosted with no tails. Use your portion
Pineapple – 100g per serve. Half your carbohydrate portion

Zesty Marinade

2T sweet chilli sauce (make sure you choose one that is lower in sugar such as Barker’s)
2T coriander, finely diced
¼C lime juice
½t salt

TIP – only add this to the prawns about 5 minutes before you wish to cook them to prevent the prawns overcooking.


Chilli Tofu:

Tofu – choose the firm variety! Use your portion. 

Chilli Marinade

1T soy sauce
1T mirin 
1t siracha