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JCN Referral Application

  • Welcome to the team, by jumping on our lifestyle referral program you are a walking talking ambassador for the Jake Campus Nutrition services. Please provide your personal details for referral payment and sign the terms and conditions of the referral program.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Provide your bank details and name of your account.
  • It is important you understand the terms of service and believe in the service you are referring. By signing below you understand the subscription model JCN provides; Minimum term, how the service works, what the service provides client, no early cancellations etc. You also understand how your incentives work – should you have any questions – please ask before signing. You understand that clients referred must state your name/coupon OR company upon signing up for you to be eligible to your referral payment. Payments will be paid out monthly. Payments will be paid out before the 10th of the following month with a breakdown. With the nature of our business clients personal details will not be shared.