Due to the impact of COVID19 restrictions and lockdowns, our JCN clinic has already experienced 3 closures this year.

Over the past two months we have canceled and rescheduled hundreds of appointments, and to this day have limited certainty around when we can re-open again and the requirements to do so.

As a company, we have made a decision to close our clinic until January 2022, but continue to offer online nutrition support.


With the government restrictions around re-opening, our clinic still pending, without any certainty around levels or restrictions, we have chosen to take control of the situation by reopening with transparency and clarity in the New Year. With our annual Christmas shut down scheduled for the 10th of December, we would be closing our clinic in a matter of weeks. This decision will help provide our customers with clarity and stability around their support options for their future. 


In the New Year, we will be introducing, new services to our menu and new products, and a new nutritionist to our clinic.

Our team is really excited for 2022 and to see you. 

When will you reopen?

We will be in touch on the 10th of January 2022 and provide an update on our clinic opening date, and instructions on how to secure your next appointment.

How can I still work with my Nutritionist?

We can still work with you online by updating your plan and supporting your goals via email. 

To request a fresh Nutrition plan or update your current one, please contact us here

I have already paid for an appointment - whats my options?

The choice is yours. We can issue a refund or credit your appointment for an online service OR for when our clinic re-opens. Please message us here and let us know how you’d like to move forward.