JCN Chicken Parmies

JCN Approved Chicken Parmies

This chicken parmie is a fresh play on the standard Aussie pub meal – which is deep fried, smothered in cheese and loaded with calories. The truth is if you balance a meal with all the yummy staples you enjoy you can still create magic. Here we have taken the classic: Seared the chicken instead of deep frying, Oven baked wedges instead of deep frying, Added extra flavour to the traditional recipe by topping the chicken with pure tomato AND mushroom + red onion.

This meal is cost affective – use your plan to determine a portion. Vegetarian clients you can try this with a half a eggplant and top with your protein source!

Frozen wedges
Frozen beans
Chicken Breast
Canned tomato
Red onion

Pop your wedges into the oven. Sear your chicken breast, then finish off in the oven. Slice 2 button mushrooms and some slithers of red onion, put on top of chicken, top with tablespoon of canned tomato and finish with cheese – pop back into oven until cheese is melted, serve with cooked beans and EAT 


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