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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail…

Food preparation is different for everyone, we all live such different lifestyles and encounter different obstacles. Preparation comes down to being accountable and understanding where you need to be more organized. Below are some common encounters we have here at JCN – Be honest can you relate to any?

The notorious breakfast skipper: Notorious for skipping what most people say the most important meal of the day. Says things like “breakfast makes me feel sick” , “I’m not hungry” or I don’t like breakfast food.

Breakfast skipping mainly stems from habit – if you have never prioritized eating in the morning chances are it is going to be a challenge to start. Understand the benefits of eating breakfast is that it kickstarts the body’s energy after a long sleep and it helps feed your metabolism. There isn’t a specific time or rule of when to have breakfast – just ensure to start your day in a balanced way. 

The forgetful snacker: Forgetting to snack comes down to being “busy” or not having your snacks handy. Snacks are great for keeping your bodies energy sustained in between meals. Snacks can prevent overeating and binges. 2 simple tips to remember to snack are:

  1. Have snacks accessible at home and work. Keep a stash in your desk or locker at the beginning of the week.
  2. Choose a snack you enjoy – you could remember it but don’t actually enjoy what your packing, if you’re a client let’s find some options you like.

The preposterous prepper: This guy or gal really wants the results but always seems to swing around in circles by being great for a week or two then falling into old habits.  Our lives get so busy that sometimes simple things can seem impossible or unachievable but in reality it is just your state of mind. Preparing meals in advance can really help you get into a routine – so you are prepared for anything! We have no magic for this however we have some tips and tools below to practice breaking the habit and making some lifestyle changes

Ask yourself what is your biggest objection to eating on track? We find creating the time to plan out a weeks menu to be helpful

Download our JCN WEEKLY MEAL PLANNER below to map out  your meals, snacks and goals. 


download planner

How to get the most out of your meal planner:

Organized shopping trips: Before you hit the shops plan out what you need at home by checking the fridge and pantry. This will prevent double ups and missing ingredients leading to multiple trips to the supermarket. One shopping trip a week can help stick to a budget and help you cater to a weekly menu for the week.

Meal staples: A “meal staple” is something you know how to cook, you enjoy and can be whipped up fast. Have meal staples in mind before you go food shopping will help organize a menu for the week for your planner.  You don’t have to be a gourmet chef or to spend hours in the kitchen – you just have to be prepared by knowing what to cook and have the staples to cook it.

Cook once eat twice: Or even eat thrice! Cook up a larger dinner and pack the remaining for your lunch/lunches – map these out on your planner 

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