Your questions are important!

Below are some questions that may help you understand our program a little better, with customised nutrition everyone’s journey is different.

Online nutrition requires communication, if you need any clarification or have a question – please ask.

submit questions via the 'talk to us' tab here

Communicating and updating

You will receive your plan in seven days after completing our initial form. We encourage you to mark us as “safe” or add us to your contacts list to ensure that our emails come to your inbox. If you are concerned that your plan could be misplaced please contact us HERE after checking your spam folder.

To submit an update please log into your account HERE. Once logged in you will be directed to your dashboard, click “check in”, you will first be required to submit a weight tracker entry, once saved this will allow you to proceed to the next step which is where you will enter the information required for your update.

When updating, be specific with how things are going, as the more information you give us, the better we will be able to help you. Anything that you are loving, not enjoying, or things that are not working for you: we want to know! You will also need to provide new photos when updating.

Your updated plan will be delivered via email. Please continue to follow your current plan until you receive this plan.

Record your weight first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and after going to the bathroom. This will help to control variables that can impact scale weight such as bowel movements, food intake, etc. 

We also encourage all clients to upload photos as another monitoring tool to observe the change in your body composition as just scale weight alone may not be a true representation of the changes you may experience. Your photos are confidential and will only be viewed by your nutritionist to help assist with your nutritional needs. 

  • Always use the flash – this helps prevent shadows
  • Take in front of a PLAIN WHITE background
  • Capture full-body – head to toe, front, and back
  • Portrait photos only
  • Take photos at the same time of the day – same amount of food/water
  • Photos must be either PNG or JPEG format and under 10MB
  • MEN – Wear shorts and either no shirt or a singlet
  • WOMEN – Wear a crop top or singlet and short shorts

Should you feel more comfortable wearing more clothing please make sure its fitting so we can still see your shape – and make sure you wear the same for the next update.

You are required to complete a check in form fortnightly which allows you to communicate with your nutritionist how you have been going. Your nutritionist will be in contact within 48 business hours via email (Monday – Friday NZST). If there is a delay with your response please contact us via the “Talk to us” tab on your dashboard HERE

Anytime that you have a question, please log into your account and ‘talk to us’ HERE, or alternatively email

Please allow us 48 working hours for our team to return your plan or question. 

Nutrition Plan Questions 

The Lifestyle plan focuses on behavior change, and aims to include a variety of food options. Unless you are someone who can eat the same options everyday then it is impossible for your macros to tally exactly.

Protein and fibre targets can be given if they were not requested in your signup form, while still ensuring you still stay within the energy balance for the day. If this is something that you would like to do we do require your food entries and/or weekly nutrient averages which can be uploaded in the food diary section at updates. Contact your nutritionist for more information. 

We also offer a macro only approach however this does not involve a meal plan. Again, if this is something that you are interested in doing or would like more information about, then please touch base with your nutritionist.

Initially, your JCN plan will use weight as a way to measure portion size. Once you reach your goal, if weighing is not something that you would like to continue with then the team can teach you alternative ways to address portions.

JCN Scales are available on our online shop HERE

Everyone’s journey is different so we encourage you to talk to your nutritionist. Your plan will include some goal-focused takeaway options, however in most cases the team can look into ways for you to have more flexibility.

If you feel that your plan doesn’t reflect the amount or type of exercise that you would like to be doing please touch base with the team. Exercise can impact appetite and in some cases needs to be supported through your diet.

This is completely up to you! You are not required to do this at the beginning of your journey, however if you find that recording what you eat helps to keep you accountable then you are welcome to do so. You may get asked to complete a food diary by your nutritionist if they need more information around what you are eating.

Logging in to the website will give you access to all of our resources! You will find these in a tab called “VIP Access”. This is where you will find recipes, vegetable lists, and information on condiments.

You can access your account log in by following the link below. 


Black coffee can be consumed while on a JCN nutrition plan. 

Check out our blog on the calories in coffee here. If a milky coffee is something that is important to you, and that you do not want to give up, please reach out to your nutritionist. They will take into account the calories in your favourite beverage, the impact of this on your goal, and recommend accordingly. 

Account Queries 

To update your card details please click the link below and add a new payment method to your account. This will become your default payment method for your subscription payments.

You will also be able to change these details by heading to your dashboard and clicking on “update my card” 

Please allow seven days for this to switch over.

Update my payment details

Our JCN Lifestyle and Performance plans are on a roll-over basis. This means you will continue to be charged until you contact us. 

After your minimum term has been reached please follow the link below to submit your cancellation request, we do require up to 7 days to process these requests.

submit cancellation request

You can place your account on hold for a maximum of three weeks when you are outside of your program’s twelve week minimum term. Within your minimum term this will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and we recommend touching base with our admin team if you would like to discuss this further.

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