Your questions are important!

Below are some questions that may help you understand our program a little better. With customised nutrition everyone’s journey is different. Online nutrition requires communication – if you do not understand something or have a question – please ask. Nutrition questions can be sent through your “talk to us” tab in your account. Please allow 48 business hours to respond.

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Communicating and updating

When can I expect my first meal plan?

Your plan will be tailored to you, your goals and lifestyle – we need upto 7 business days to prepare an initial plan.

– please keep in mind we have Nutritionist customising your plans – not an app. So plans will not be instantly updated.

Once your meal plan is ready it will be emailed through to you. Please check all inbox folders as this maybe directed to spam depending on how your inbox is set up

How do I update my progress?

Every fortnight, it is your responsibility to update your progress with us.

We will send you a reminder to update two weeks after you first sign up – however its up to you to do so. Without a update we cannot issue a updated plan without the knowledge of how the first one has been – this is the customized aspect of our service.

To update you will need to login and access your account dashboard where it states ‘ UPDATE MY PROGRESS’ This will direct you to your progress tracker to upload photos then a quick form to fill us in.

When updating, be specific with how things are going, as the more information you give us, the better we will be able to help you. Anything that you are loving, not enjoying, or things that are not working for you: we want to know! You will also need to provide new photos when updating.

Your updated plan will be delivered via email. Please continue eating to your current plan until you receive this plan.

Whats the best way to take progression photos?

Some people do not like to take photos, but they really help us to customise your nutrition plan. We are also able to see changes to your body that you may not.

Photos are great motivation and show your progress, as well as give you a better idea of how your body has changed. Pictures should be taken at the same time every weigh in, wearing the same clothes, and with the same lighting. For best results we ask to wear a singlet and shorts, however if you are uncomfortable please wear some tighter fitting clothing.

For those who are tech-savvy, download the Pic Art App on your smart phone and arrange comparison photos side-by-side. This will make it so much easier for us to really see changes.

When do I get my updated meal plan?

Every fortnight, it is your responsibility to update your profile.

We will send you a reminder to update two weeks after you first sign up – however its up to you to do so. Without a update we cannot issue a updated plan without the knowledge of how the first one has been – this is the customised aspect of our service.

Your updated plan will be returned within 48 business hours of submitting via email. Please continue eating to your current plan until you receive this plan.

I haven't gotten a update reminder

Updates are sent automatically and dependent on you email setting can be sent to spam. Make sure you check all folders and create a rule so these deliver into your primary folder from now on.

If you still cannot find a reminder – please contact us below so we can dig deeper and make sure you receive the next one. Updates are still open so you can access through your account without this prompt.

Contact us
How do we get in contact?

Anytime that you have a question, please log into your account and ‘talk to us’ OR email [email protected]

Please allow us 48 working hours to return your plan or question. 

Can I exercise more than my plan prescribes?

NO, please don’t. Exercise is a variable that we will change as required. If you do more, we may not get an accurate reflection of how your body is responding to the plan and therefore make inaccurate changes. It is best to stick to the outlines amount – NO MORE but NO LESS. If you do less for any reason, please mention this at check-ins.

Over-exercising can also increase hunger and cravings or can lead to issues with fatigue or feeling run down. 

I have reached my goal, how do I maintain it?

Once you have reached your goal, or are ready to maintain where you are at, you need to let us know. The MAINTENANCE PHASE of our programme still requires check-ins and regular updates. Our goal is to slowly introduce more calories and reduce cardio every two weeks as your body adjusts. These small changes are based on body and scale changes so there is no set rule for doing this. For most people, it essentially takes around six weeks to build your calories up and include a few meals off per week to maintain your current bodyweight. Without this slow transition, you will gain weight rapidly as your metabolic rate reduces through dieting. Google ‘reverse dieting.’ This is a common practice after a dieting phase and is recommended as the ‘gold-standard’ method to maintain weight-loss after a diet. We cannot just simply give you a plan to suit, as it a step-by-step process. If you feel like you have learnt everything that you need to after the agreed 12 weeks, that is your choice, but we do recommend completing a maintenance phase.

Is there a correct way to weigh in?

Record your weight first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and after going to the bathroom. DO NOT weigh yourself every day, only on weigh in days. Weight will fluctuate based on how much water your body is holding (in some females this is dependent on your menstrual cycle), faecal waste, as well as fluctuations in body fat and muscle tissue. This is why we recommend you take photos.

Getting the most out of your plan

How can I mix things up on my plan?

Have a look around your VIP Access. Here you will find grocery references and recipes to help you throughout your journey. But if you need variety ASK in your next update so your plan can be looked at. We are constantly coming up with new ideas however this is something you will need to be honest with when you update.

Learn to cook food you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake in the kitchen and learn from it.

How do JCN macros and my own macros work?

If you are on a performance based plan you have the option of having a meal plan OR macros only your nutritionist will explain how these are set up from the get go – as they will differ.

On our Lifestyle plan its best not to focus on the macros

If you are someone who finds tracking using an app like My Fitness Pal beneficial then you are able to do so, however we encourage food selection within the JCN Nutrition plan. Protein and fibre targets can be given if they were not requested in your signup form, ensuring you still stay within energy balance for the day. If this is something that you would like to do we do require your food entries and/or weekly nutrient averages which can be uploaded in the food diary section at updates.

How come I won’t be tracking carbohydrates and fats? Can you calculate the other macros? No, the lifestyle service does not offer this. The Lifestyle plan focuses on behaviour change and is based on a meal plan.The main reason that we do not track carbohydrates and dietary fats on the Lifestyle plan is to support flexibility within your diet. This allows you to choose foods that you enjoy and that work for your body and lifestyle. These also do not have any impact on your total energy intake and therefore are likely to have little influence on us reaching your goals. Fibre is important as it encourages a nutrient dense diet and supports optimal digestion. Protein supports maintenance and growth of muscle mass, training recovery, satiety, and metabolism.  


Do I need to weigh my food?

With a specific goal measured food is a great way to get started, have a more customised approach and monitor where your progression. This isn’t a longterm part of your journey – but it is important for the beginning.

You will need a good electronic scale to weigh your food. If you do not weigh your food, it makes it difficult for us to adjust your programme. This will help you get an idea of portion size so when in the maintenance phase of our programme, we can switch to eye balling food as you will have got an idea of portion size.

JCN Scales are available on our online shop here

Can I have cheat days?

We can recommend some healthy options to have out and about for you – but remember we are creating a lifestyle balance, so if you are use to eating out regularly this maybe a challenge to begin with but dont lose sight of why you have started this.

These healthier meal options are to enjoy and feel like a mental break from eating your home-cooked food, along with giving you time to socialise with friends or an option to grab if life gets busy. They are still within the caloric ranges to keep you progressing towards your goals. Over the course of your time with us, we will add in free meals, cheat meals or high carb days/high carb meals dependant on your progress, what your body needs and to also try and keep it enjoyable for you.

Im finding it hard to adjust to the plan what can I do?

In the first one – two weeks, some people may experience cravings, headaches, low energy and fatigue. These can be symptoms of your body adjusting to less processed food, less caffeine and a change in macronutrients.

If these last for longer than 10 days make sure you let us know when you first update!

Account queries 

Can I change my card details?

To update your subscription card payment details please click the link below and add a new payment method to your account, this will become your default payment method for you weekly subscription payments


Otherwise, head to your account dashboard and click “UPDATE MY CARD”, you will then be directed to your account payment methods where you can add a new payment method to your account

These can take up to 7 days to switch over

How do I cancel?

All JCN plans rollover due to the nature of offering a customised service – Our programs are not challenges or quick fixes. Most goals will realistically need additional time, not only to reach the goal, but to also complete the process by doing the reverse diet. Without the reverse diet your hard work can be lost and old habits can start returning. Reverse dieting balances your results along with increasing food in a healthy way. 

You can only cancel if you are outside of your programs minimum term, no exceptions. Our time and initial costs are split over the period of time so we must collect all payments. Please don’t ask to cancel early as this will be our answer, and we don’t wish to offend you. These are the terms clearly outlined before you sign up.

After the period is complete, you can cancel any time contacting us below.

Contact us
Plans are ongoing to help you reach you goal in a safe timeframe

Our plans are designed to get results but in most cases, 12 weeks isn’t long enough. We encourage you to stay on after the 12 week minimum term. You are still entitled to all the services and once you reach your goal we work back in other types of foods into your diet but gradually so all your hard work stays.