Don’t forget your vegetables


A good variety of veggies should be a staple part of any diet, as often this is where an abundance of essential minerals, vitamins, and fibre we need for optimal body function are found. On top of this veggies help to enhance meal flavours and vibrancy, while also bulking up your portion sizes without too much damage to your total calorie intake. This is why as a part of the JCN lifestyle, you’ll notice we use veggies generously throughout your plan. Now, although you are required to work with a certain measurement of veggies each day, we understand it can sometimes be difficult to think of ways to incorporate them when getting creative with your meals. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can do just that:


Through the likes of leafy greens in a smoothie or diced up mushrooms, onion, tomato, and spinach mixed in with your eggs, veggies can be easily added to some of the staple options in your plan.


Casseroles, stews, soups, and rice and pasta dishes are all hearty favourites that present a prime opportunity to load in the veg. Courgettes, capsicum, carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and a variety of leafy greens can be worked into these meals easily. Tip: If you’re someone who struggles with veggies or has kids at home – cutting your veggies nice and small into these types of meals can be a smart way to get them in more seamlessly.


The classic but always reliable, garden salad is a quick and easy way to work veggies into a meal. Lettuce, tomato, carrot, red onion, and cucumber – anything goes here. If you’re short for time – pre-packed garden salads or coleslaws can be brought from your local supermarket. Add your portion of avocado, olive oil, or cheese as a fat source on top of your salad, and voila – there’s a complete meal. Think of the likes of grilled steak or fish, homemade potato or kumara chips, and your side salad to finish it off. Delicious! 


Sammies, wraps, taco bowls, and pita pockets are an easy way to work in lunch options and once again load in your veg. The side salad or coleslaw above can be chucked in between your bread source along with some leftover protein, and that’s lunch sorted! During the winter or at dinner time, you can simply use a sandwich press to make these options hot and toasty. The JCN pizza, burger, and nacho recipes work great here too.


As you may have noticed reading through our approved veggies and condiments lists; herbs and spices (fresh OR ground), stocks, tinned tomatoes, vinegars, and gravies can be used freely in your meals to enhance meals and flavours. From culturally inspired meals such as stir-fries and curries to your more classic homemade roast or cottage pie – using flavours and condiments to help incorporate your veggies can be a smart tool to use. For example- gravy and stock in a casserole or rosemary and garlic on roasted carrots, capsicum, and onions along with your roasts.