Updates and check-ins are no longer available on this platform, please email us to organize the cancellation of your account or to update your profile to the new app service

email us here

We have made this process as simple as possible and can assure you this is only going to improve your experience with reaching your current health and lifestyle goals. You will continue to work with your current nutritionist, the only difference for you will be that all of your information will now be accessible via the app and will create less steps for you to access your plans, updates and check-in’s each fortnight.

We understand that trying new systems can feel a little daunting but with over a decade in the industry and working with thousands of clients with different needs and preferences, Jake has spent countless hours ensuring our new systems and app are simple for everyone to use and understand no matter the age or experience level.

To further ensure you feel as confident as we do with this transition, we have spent time creating the following processes to make sure you feel well prepared and able to excel in your JCN program.

We have created a “How to get set up” guide as well as an “App navigation” user manual which some of you may not even need to use as it really is that simple!


If you do not wish to continue working with JCN with these new terms of service and would like to terminate your subscription please use the below opt out link to notify our admin team.