We are back with a BRAND NEW 8-week challenge that is designed to help you shape and sculpt a strong, lean physique as we head into summer.  

This challenge has been strategically timed to give you 6 weeks of FAT LOSS, followed by 2 weeks of REVERSE DIETING to ensure that you can head into your end of year festivities feeling confident and able to maintain your results.  

Throughout these 8 weeks, you will work with Jake and our team of university qualified nutritionists to give you a completely customised experience with your nutrition. This is based on your preferences, intolerances, and any other dietary requirements you may have.  

You will also be able to choose between a gym or home training approach for your weekly training sessions. This time around we are also giving you 2 different training split options so that you can choose how many days a week you wish to train to suit your lifestyle and overall goals.  

If you’re someone that usually waits until the last minute to make changes and then end up feeling unhappy with how you look and feel, then this is your chance to make a start NOW and feel good as we head into summer and end of year events! 

Weekly payment – terms and conditions apply

Tone or Sculpt? Gym & Home?

Whether you are a beginner or a returning JCN challenger, we have created 2 new training splits with different intensity levels and desired weight training days so that you can choose a schedule to suit your lifestyle, experience, and ultimate goals. You also have the option to pick between gym or home workout.

The workouts in this challenge have been created to build a strong, lean physique. These sessions will include weight training with a hypertrophy focus to ensure you are progressing each week with your strength. You will have the option to choose either 3 or 5 weight training sessions per week, plus cardio and step prescription. That way, you can choose the option that best suits your schedule and commitments.  

We have created these new options to ensure that you ENJOY working out without it feeling like a chore, so that you can maintain your training routine post challenge. 

This is where you can log and track your progress for each session and also see an extensive video exercise library to demonstrate any movements you aren’t sure how to perform in the JCN app.

I enjoyed this challenge so much because it reminded me I don’t have to be starving to loose weight and I can still eat yummy foods to achieve amazing results. I’ve loved the support and encouragement from all and it’s really helped motivate me. I’ve really gained so much energy from this challenge, going for a walk after work to get some steps in is easy and not a chore anymore!! I was stuck in a bad cycle I’ve under eating then overeating after having my baby so this has really reset my mindset into a way more healthy lifestyle approach that I’m excited to continue on after this challenge. Thanks so much to the JNC team for this fantastic opportunity and I really appreciate all your help, it’s made my 9kg weight loss and enjoyable experience!! 

Sophie Berry / Australia

I feel fantastic, I feel strong. I have loved the food it’s simple easy meals your whole family can enjoy & it’s not time consuming to make each meal. Preparation is the key to making it easier. I have loved adding in weights & the workouts are epic, adding in steps each day has been great to have time to myself & clear my mind & get fresh air at the same time. I have learnt the importance of good food, that we can’t be perfect all the time & how to make good choices when eating out. The webinars provided great knowledge along the way. The app is amazing, so simple to use & very satisfying ticking off each day. It also gives you a good visual if you tweak a meal how to re-align the rest of the day. 
I really enjoying being able to continually push myself by adding weights each week, as you can gauge the improvement & challenge yourself. 

Nic Shaw / New Zealand

This challenge was exactly what I needed for my physical and mental wellbeing! I have hit my goal of 5kg weight loss and I have learnt so much along the way with this challenge! In March I broke my knee and really struggled to stay on track and gained a sugar addiction and lost a lot of motivation because I was unable to train legs or play football. This challenge has really brought me out of an unhealthy cycle I was stuck in and helped create many healthy habits that I will continue to do. I have also really enjoyed the educational side of this challenge because now I have the knowledge to continue with my goals and it has given me the motivation to keep going rather than having a big binge of the foods I’ve been “missing” out on. Thank you so much for this challenge, Jake! 

Anita Killip / Australia

Challenge vs. Lifestyle Approach

It’s important  to note that this is a challenge and not an everyday lifestyle approach. We will be pushing hard over the first 6 weeks to get you optimal results before reversing you back out of your deficit.

This challenge is designed to not only give you incredible results, but to ensure that you leave these 8 weeks with new nutrition and training knowledge, and the right skills to be able to continue succeeding within your health and fitness journey. 

What is a reverse diet and why is it included in the challenge?

Put simply, reverse dieting is diet after diet. It is a post-diet eating strategy used after the deficit diet phase to restore your calories and daily output to your new maintenance level.
A reverse diet is implemented by slowly increasing your daily calorie intake over weeks or months along with adjustments in energy output. The aim is to prevent regaining body fat as you reach your new maintenance calorie range. Reverse dieting is a strategic method that requires consistency and compliance to achieve the desired result.
We like to utilise reverse dieting as a part of our challenge to ensure that you are able to maintain your results from the 6 week fat loss phase and avoid putting on any unwanted body fat post deficit. 
This is also going to be extremely beneficial as we move into the end of year with additional events and festivities where your daily caloric intake will likely be higher than normal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign-ups will officially close on the 20 October to ensure Jake has adequate time to set all challengers programs up before day 1 of the challenge beginning. 

Day 1 of the challenge will begin on Monday 23 October. Your final day of the challenge will end on Sunday 10 December.

The first 2 challenges involved a 6-week fat loss focus followed by a 2-week reverse diet to ensure you were educated on coming out of your deficit phase to maintain your results post challenge.

This time around, whether you choose the DOMINATE or ELEVATE challenge, you will spend the entire 8 weeks in either a deficit to maximise your fat loss goals or on appropriate building macros to maximise your strength phase during your time on the challenge as you work your way through your program.

When signing up for the challenge you will be required to make your first week’s payment during the sign up process to secure your place within the challenge. Your remaining 7 payments (made weekly) will then begin on day 1 of the challenge.

After you have confirmed your place in the challenge, you will receive instructions on how to download and create your app account within the first 3 days so please ensure you keep an eye on your junk and spam inbox as well.

You will have the ability to contact Jake and ask questions during the webinars as well as via our closed FB community group where regular updates and notices will be posted. Our fellow challengers may also be able to answer any questions you may have if they have previously been answered so we encourage our challengers to utilise this platform that we have created for your convenience and experience.

For any questions outside of check-in you will also be able to contact us via challenge@jcn.co.nz.

Please do not send Jake Instagram messages with challenge related questions as these are easily missed within the masses.

No, you will need to remain on either Meal plan OR Macros from when your first plan is sent to you. These take time to set up as they are individually created and customised to your preferences, current stats, and goals. If they are changed throughout the challenge, it may affect your overall results.

Unfortunately, your app subscription will also end after the challenge finishes as this will be re set and programmed for the next round of challenges.

No, there is a strict no refund or cancellation policy in place for our challenge service. As this is a capped service to work with Jake directly, when you sign up you are taking someone else’s ability to sign up. Therefore, you will not be granted a cancellation or refund for any reason after you make your initial sign up payment.

You can view our policy here.

Debt collection will be used for those that do not complete their payments in a timely manner which can result in additional fees and affect your personal credit rating.

Although we cannot extend your challenge app subscription, we are excited to announce that Jake Campus Nutrition will be launching our very first subscription-based lifestyle plan in the near future.