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Progress Photos

When the weight on the scale does not move, or it fluctuates (and it more than likely will at some point!) progress pictures can be a good point of reference to keep everything in perspective. Progress pictures often provide reassurance that yes, you are on the right track and your body is in fact changing […]

Introducing Protein powder into my diet

Protein powder is a supplement that can replace a whole food protein source in a cheap, convenient and tasty way that can work with your JCN meal plan. Protein powder is sweet with most whole food sources being savory so it makes for a nice way to add some sweet meals into your plan.    Protein is […]

Weighing your food

With a specific goal measured food is a great way to get started, have a more customised approach and monitor where your progression. With a customised approach and our qualifications grams can give us a more accurate reading on whats working. For us starting out using cups for example doesn’t give us an exact unit […]