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Acai Smoothie Bowl

INGREDIENTS:  Smoothie 10g acai powder Anchor plain protein plus yoghurt OR protein powder – as per your portion (can also use half of each) Unsweetened almond milk Banana – use your portion Toppings 25g Hubbard’s granola – include if your plan uses more than 10g nuts 10g nuts/seeds/coconut 100g strawberries METHOD:  Make the smoothie into […]

Mozzarella & Strawberry Salad

INGREDIENTS:  60g Fresh Mozzarella (1/2 125g tub) 50g strawberries – quartered 25g prosciutto – roughly chopped  Orzo – to your pasta portion Asparagus Rocket Spring onion – finely sliced 5g olive oil Salt and pepper METHOD:  Spray pan with oil, once hot, place halved asparagus spears gently in the pan and cook for about three […]

Breakfast Burrito

 INGREDIENTS: Wrap – as per the portion on your planEggs – as per the portion on your plan1/2 tsp smoked paprika1/2 tsp dried oreganoSalt & pepper to tasteSalsaCheese – as per the portion on your plan  METHOD: Spray non-stick pan with cooking spray and place over medium heat. Whisk eggs together with seasonings until air […]