Build a JCN Stir-fry

The best thing about stir-fry is the variety! There is sooooo many variations – and most can be prepared and cooked under 20 minutes!

First start by choosing a base – the base of your stir- fry will be a carb source found on your plan such as; 

Rice noodles, white/ brown rice, pasta or starch vegetables such as potato, pumpkin or Kumara.


Next choose your vegetables – You can stir-fry any vegetables but our favourites to throw in a hot pan are; 

Capsicums ( all colours ), mushrooms, onion, bok-choy, green beans, cabbage, broccoli.

Frozen vegetables are another budget and time friendly option.

Choose your protein – This will vary as to what you like and whats been recommended onto your plan – and almost any protein will work but here is some of our favourites;

Lean strips of beef, chicken, frozen/fresh prawns, eggs and tofu!

Finally choose your sauce! Remember a sauce can easily un-do you calorie consumption as many are filled with sugar. Choose a sauce from your reference sheet or create you own using your plan to guide you with the following ingredients;

Fresh squeezed lemon or lime, finely grated ginger, garlic, reduced salt soy sauce, mint, coriander, and if you have a fat allocated some finely chopped nuts or nut butter.