Back to reality – Level #2

Welcome back to reality! While we might not be able to control or influence whats going on in the world, we do have control over our food and behaviors! 

After 7 weeks in isolation, many of us would have adapted to a new sort of  “routine”. Some of us would have slept an extra hour or two, enjoyed a cooked breakfast and lunch, broke up the day with multiple walks outside, crafts, baking, or online house parties with friends. As strange as it was adapting to an isolation routine you can be assured that settling back into a new normal routine will be a lot easier than it seems, but it will come with its challenges as well. 

Back to work:

Back to work = back to a routine.

When It comes to returning back to work – it’s also about heading back the basics.

Sleep: Make sure you are getting 8 hours sleep, an earlier night and waking up with enough time for breakfast and to pack a lunch etc.

Caffeine: Although you may feel tired don’t over indulge in coffees to keep you going. Aim for 2 cups max a day and ensure you are staying hydrated drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water.

Meals: Be prepared – Eat the lunches you love – make extra dinner for tasty leftovers for lunch for the following day or prioritise some time to bulk prepare something you really enjoy.

Snacks: Kit out your work desk, locker or briefcase with snacks such as fruit, nuts or nut bars. If you find your energy is dropping these types of snacks will pick you back up and keep you fuelled for longer.



Your income may be compromised over this time – but remember the whole “eating healthy is expensive” is a big FAT lie. 

>Start by creating a food budget. 

>From here create a meal planner – meals that you enjoy and are budget friendly

>Know your cupboards – utilise what you have before buying more food.

>Then finish with a shopping list.

A great way to stick to your budget is to know where to shop – research deals prior to grocery shopping. 

Remember; Fruit and vegetable shops are great for seasonal finds and frozen vegetables are not only budget friendly, they last for longer and average around a couple dollars for 10 serves!

Investigate where your non-essential spending is going? We may feel deprived after 7 weeks but when it comes to budgeting you have to make some hard decisions and sacrifices to prepare for the long game. Small purchases can add up.

>Coffees can be $5 trade these in for > avalanche sachets

>Brand loyalty > you have always gotten a certain brand of peanut butter, clothing, deodorant etc but by saving a couple dollars here and there will count in times like these.

>Group outings > be apart or the experience not the purchase. Its ok to be apart of the experience, dont miss out on outings but be smart about spending; eat beforehand and order a drink. Or its ok to say no – these opportunities will always be around. 

Active – back to the gym!

Your body has had time out of the gym, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles are conditioned to the loads you are used to placing upon them. Its very easy to get excited and go back into the weights room or jump on your favorite cardio machine or class and go full steam ahead. BUT take it easy, spend the first 2 weeks at about 70% of normal loading and volume in the weights room, leave some in the tank for cardio and classes and let your body build back up to that level to prevent an injury. 

With gyms following safety guidelines it may find it difficult to get back into a exercise routine – with many clubs capping member sessions and enforcing bookings this can be difficult but not impossible to work around.

If you are struggling to make it into your local fitness club remember something is better than nothing. Aim to get into the club at least 2-3 times a week and commit to a few home workouts as well. 

Members: Remember your workout guidelines located in your account.

Just like your food incases like these you just have to be prepared. A positive mindframe will go a long way. 


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