What vegetables can I shop for and use in my plan?

Both fresh and frozen are great, and can be added anywhere in the day. Here are a few to be mindful of:

  • Starchy vegetables such as kumara, potato, and pumpkin are in fact carbohydrates. It is important that you use the portion outlined on your plan.
  • Avocado is an awesome source of dietary fat, however, does add heaps of calories and needs to be portioned. Did you know that an avocado is in fact a fruit!
  • Corn is another one that is high in carbohydrates. Pieces are fine mixed through a frozen stir fry mix, however, if you would like to have a corn cob or a larger portion of kernels we recommend talking to your nutritionist.

Below we have a range of popular vegetables that you can use freely in your plan:

Asparagus Chilli Ginger
Beetroot Leeks Watercress
Carrot Courgette Green beans
Broccoli Cucumber Lettuce
Peas Celery Sprouts
Cabbage (both colours) Eggplant Mescaline
Capsicum (all colours) Fresh Herbs Mushrooms
Kale Silver beat Tomato
Cauliflower Garlic Onions
Radishes Pre-packed salad mixes Spring onions

Let’s get creative with your vegetables!