Overcome the top 5 excuses to fat-loss

When it comes to transforming our bodies its common to focus on the “dream body”, the “end result”, the “success” we tend to overlook the journey. The success in any transformation is in the journey and in the journey for some will feel uncomfortable because you have to make some changes. This is where that little voice comes into your head and starts to make excuses.

If you want to change your lifestyle you have to not only make changes to your nutrition …. but your mindset!

Below we have our top 3 excuses to achieving fat-loss and I am going to give you tools to overcome each one.

1. I don’t have time!

There is one thing we have in life and its time – the question is where your time is going.

” I have no time to prepare meals” It may feel timely preparing a home cooked meal and lunches if you are not use to it. Whats important is to understand – that eating on the run does’nt always save you time its a state of mind. You have to have time to eat and if you don’t make time to eat you have to start. Eating healthy foods is what fuels our bodies to function in day to day life. Its a sign of self respect – Let me tell you now you and your body deserve the best.

“I don’t have time to exercise” Exercise doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym. Something is always better than nothing. Just like eating a healthy diet your body also needs to move. Whether its walking, a 30 minute HIIT session or prioritising 3 sessions a week whether its a bush walk, gym session or home workout.

2. I cant afford it.

Again, it comes down to prioritising. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive at all. It comes down to shopping smarter. 

Vegetables & Carbohydrates : Shop at a local fruit and vegetable market to cut costs or eat frozen. Frozen vegetables last for longer and hold nutrients just as well as fresh. The cost of a 500g bag of beans = around $3 for multiple serves. 

Protein: Keep an eye on specials. Shopping at the right time and the right place can save you a large amount! 



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