2022 New Year goal setting (1)

  • Current Nutrition update

    Let us know how your eating has been over the past few weeks.
  • New Year - Same goal? Or are we setting a new one?

    Whether you have a new goal or would like to continue to work towards your one from last year, revisiting your goals is an important part of your journey. Lets start by listing your top 3 goals related to Health & fitness.
  • Make them SMARTer - for each goal ensure they have a smart component

  • Whats your WHY? List your top 3 reasons for wanting to achieve these

    For example, self confidence, improve performance, etc.
  • Accepting Sacrifices

    Identify the things that you are willing to give up in order to reach your goals. For example, if you want to lose 10kg, ask yourself, am I willing to give up convenience eating and sacrifice time on my weekends to buy and prepare food for the week ahead.
  • Current Habit E.g. My goal is to lose 10kg but I currently get takeaways 2-3 x per week Change required Cutting back on takeaways until I reach my goals then only having them every now and then in moderation
  • Actionable Steps

    List the things you will START, STOP, and CONTINUE to do to ensure you work towards achieving these goals over the next two weeks. For example, I am going to START planning my meals, I am going to STOP stressing the little things, and I am going to CONTINUE to exercise five days per week I will START - I will STOP - I will CONTINUE -
  • Your activity