In-house services. Help us - Help you.

In order for us to deliver the best service it's important for us to keep evolving and looking at our offerings here at JCN. Our in house business has been running for over 5 years! Over this time we have introduced new technology, new staff and new products. This survey is to help us, help you! We want to maximise your experience with JCN and get the results you are after.
What drives you to book an appointment with a JCN Nutritionist?(Required)

Currently follow up appointments include an evolt scan, an updated nutrition plan and a brief discussion with your nutritionist. What would you like to see more of in these consultations?(Required)
Do you believe 30minutes is enough to get everything you need out of your appointment?(Required)

On site we can also measure your results through caliper analysis, this is another accurate way to measure your progress - is this something you value or would you just prefer a scan?(Required)
Blood pressure is a very important tool for us to assess your health and monitor your progression with better eating habits. Is this something you would like to be added into your consultation?(Required)
What do you value most about your appointments here at JCN(Required)

Do you prefer your nutrition plan and resources to be hard copy or would you prefer this to be online?(Required)
What is your appointment time preference?(Required)