New Year, New You! Right…? 

It’s around this time of year that we start to think of our goals and what we are wanting to accomplish in the year ahead. But why is it that March starts to roll around, we haven’t thought about those goals since January and before we know it, another year goes past and we are still left pondering what has actually happened that year?
Quite often it’s a concoction of not truly understanding each goal (and what they encompass) from the beginning mixed with life barriers designed to test what we really want.

The key to preventing this from happening is knowing and having a strong reason WHY we want to achieve these goals in the first place and then mapping out a logical sequence of mini-goals/actionable steps along the way to assist you in achieving them. 
If you have never been somewhere, why would you expect to know how to get there? Follow the task below to set some specific goals and map your way to success in 2020.

My Big 3:List your 3 biggest goals you want to achieve this year.

These should be SMART

Specific | Measurable | Accountable (to who?) | Realistic Time-based

Download our 2020 Goal planner below

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